Town & Country Insulation brings you the best insulation calculator to get an exact idea of the material and units you need for perfect insulation. Our calculator follows advanced algorithms to give you a fair idea of what you would need to create the perfect environment for your property. We also provide our clients with ceiling, wall and underfloor insulation calculations.

Our insulation calculator is the best in Australia as it provides statistics according to the options easily available in the market country-wide. This calculator perfectly helps you recognise the best insulation for your project along with the amount of material required for perfect working. The calculator has four basic parameters on the basis of which it makes the calculation.

The Values Asked in Our Insulation Calculator

 Our wall insulation calculator asks for four values to calculate the parameters for ideal insulation. Here are the four parameters:

1. Insulation Type: Choose from one of the following:

           > Gold Wall Batts

           > Gold Ceiling Batts

           > Optima Underfloor Insulation

           > Bradford Black Wall Batts

           > Bradford Black Ceiling Batts

           > SoundScreen Acoustic Insulation

           > Polymax Thermal Ceiling Batts

           > Polymax Thermal Wall Batts

2. R-Value: Choose from an R-Value between 1.5 and 7 depending on the insulation type.

3. Batt Width: Choose the bat width from the options you get after selecting the insulation type and R-value.

4. Area To Be Insulated: Calculate the area to be insulated and enter it in the form of square meters. Multiply the length and breadth to find out the exact area to be insulated.

The Parameters our Insulation Calculator Recommends

­Here are the parameters recommended by our insulation calculator according to Australian standards:

  • The number of packs required.
  • The best product suited for your requirements.
  • The dimensions of the product.
  • Product code.

For more information and perfect ceiling, wall and underfloor insulation calculation, get in touch with our team today.

 Use the calculator below to work out how much you need to order.

Please note when estimating your area to be insulated, please deduct the width of any frames in your measurements.