Many people wonder if ceiling insulation installation could be a DIY job. The short answer is yes. You can certainly install your own insulation by using the best insulation materials. Town & Country Insulation provides the ideal materials for DIY ceiling insulation installation. This helps you save the time and money spent on hiring professionals. Simple homeowners can install ceiling insulation safely by following a proper step-by-step routine.

We have provided accurate information on how to install basement and general ceiling insulation. The first thing you need to ensure is using the correct number of packs for the installation. You need to begin laying insulation from the point that is furthest away from the manhole. Also, make sure that the kneeling board is positioned on a minimum of two ceiling joists for maximum support. 

How To Install Ceiling Insulation

 Here is a perfect step-by-step guide on how to install a ceiling installation. A few things you need to ensure are turning off the fuse box power before installation as well as disconnecting other electrical appliances during the installation.

  • Lay the insulation between the ceiling joists. Use the poker to push them into areas of limited access.
  • Fit the installation tightly between the joists. Don’t leave any gaps, and don’t compress the insulation.
  • Electrical cabling is yet another important aspect of DIY ceiling insulation installation. Covering the cables even partially could lead to overheating, which in turn could lead to failure. Hence, it is important to keep the insulating equipment and wiring on top and not underneath any surface.
  • Get expert help from professional insulation experts and electricians for efficient design and optimum insulation.

For more information regarding how to install basement ceiling insulation, get in touch with Town & Country Insulation’s experts for updated information and expert advice.