Are you feeling the heat in your home?

With some simple changes made to your house, it can help improve your overall comfort. By installing insulation in your existing home, it will cut your cooling bills and provide year-round comfort.

Ceiling Insulation

Insulation installed in the ceiling such as Bradford Gold or Black ceiling batts can help slow the transfer of heat entering your home. Your house will take longer to heat up, reducing your reliance on air conditioners and the amount of energy required to cool your home.

Already have insulation?

Check the R-value of your existing insulation against the recommendations for your climate zone for where you live, as you may need to replace with a higher R-value such as Bradford Gold Hi-Performance to get the best performance possible.

Underfloor Insulation

Is your home is suspended from the ground and built on piers? Install Bradford Optimo Underfloor insulation under your timber floors to help stop air travelling through the floor.

Wall Insulation

The best time to install wall insulation is at the time of construction. If you plan to build a new house or renovate an existing home, consider Bradford Gold wall insulation on your exterior walls to help create a barrier and reduce the heat flowing into your home.