Bradford Thermoseal Medium Duty Wall Wrap 1350mm

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Roll length: 30m
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Thermoseal Wall Wrap is a tough, medium duty polyweave wall wrap for use in exterior brick veneer walls where there is a void in the internal stud cavity. Wall Wrap provides an inward facing reflective air-gap R-Value when positioned adjacent to an air space.


Product Code Roll Width Roll Length m² per roll
40483 1350mm 30m
15128 1350mm 60m 81

About Bradford Thermoseal Wall Breather

The Bradford Thermoseal range of wall wrap products provide a secondary protective skin to your home which can reduce draughts and help make your home more comfortable.

Thermoseal Reflective foil laminates are pliable, vapour barrier products that can provide an additional R-Value to a building system by using an air cavity (an air void in the building frame) to create an R-Value as part of the total wall construction. The type of wall construction, use of bulk insulation (wall batts) and the required air-gap R-Value from the wall wrap will determine the type of wall wrap that is suitable to the application.

Applications with bulk insulation

Where the stud frame is not filled with bulk insulation, the void in the frame can be used to generate an air-gap R-Value using Thermoseal Resiwrap or Thermoseal Wall Wrap.

Benefits during construction

  • Protects the building structure from the elements prior to the application of the roof tiles, which limits water damage to internal structural components;
  • Improves on-site work flow efficiency by allowing some internal trades to commence work before the roof tiles are applied.

Benefits once your house is built

  • Protects your home from wind driven rain and dust ingress, creating a secondary protective skin in the event of storm damage to your roof;
  • Reduces draughts entering the roof space, allowing insulation to work more effectively which ultimately improves the energy efficiency of your home;
  • Contributes a reflective R-Value which improves the overall thermal insulation value of the roof structure when positioned adjacent to an air cavity;
  • Provides compliance to BAL bush fire ember attack requirements in accordance AS3959 by providing a secondary form of ember protection for the roof space – all products comply with a flammability index of less than or equal to 5 when tested in accordance with AS1530.2.

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