How Does Insulation Work?

Insulation is the cornerstone of an energy efficient home. Insulation works as a barrier to hinder the movement of heat in or out. This allows you to keep the living spaces in your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, reducing the need for artificial heating and cooling. This significantly improves your living conditions all year round as well as saving you money and helping the environment.

Insulation predominately is placed in wall cavities when building a home, as well as ceilings, between ceilings on double storey homes, underfloor and under metal roofs. Insulation batts have both thermal and acoustic properties, these are measured by the thickness and density of a batt. They are then given a “R” rating. Simply put, the higher the R value the better thermal or acoustic performance.

The type and R value of insulation that is best suited to your home will depend on your climate and construction type. Town & Country Insulation are preferred CSR Bradford partners for House Insulation in Melbourne.

There are a wide range of insulation products available. Bulk insulation in walls and ceilings is placed between timber joists, this is a thick material to slow the flow of heat. Reflective insulation reflects heat back to where it came from. The most common Insulation batts are Glass wool batts, CSR Bradfords House Insulation batts are made from approximately 80% recycled glass making it one of the most sustainable building products in the market.

Sound screen Insulation provides the highest levels of acoustic insulation, these are considerably denser and are perfect for home theatre rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms as well as home office areas.

There are many other applications for House Insulation being fire resistant products, polyester batts, foil boards and house wraps. Wrapping a house is done once the frame and roof have been put on a new build, this helps prevent moisture and condensation forming. Whatever it is you need for your new home or to upgrade your existing home, Town & Country are trusted experts in House Insulation in Melbourne.